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Same-X is a freeware game for Mac OS X, based on the "Same Game"
(Current Version 2.1.2, Apple Mac OS X version 10.1.1 or later required. Now works in OS X 10.8).

Like most great games, Same-X is really easy to play, 
but a high score only comes with a lot of strategic thinking.

Young children can enjoy the rotating shapes and the cool sounds 
and get a score without having a clue what they are supposed to be doing.

A puzzle game where you remove objects by clicking 2 or more adjacent objects of the same type.
With the goal of removing as many objects at the same time as possible.
And removing all objects will get your score multiplied by five.

Download Version 2.1.2 Universal Version 1.8 MBytes

Download Version 2.1.1 PowerPC version 1.8 MBytes

Download and uncompress the disk image, then copy the Same-X folder to your Applications Folder.

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