Same-X History

Ver 2.1.2 January 31th 2013
Updated code to create a Universal Application so will now work on Mac OS X 10.7 & 10.8
Fixed some bugs when running on an Intel Mac.
Checked code after 10 long years.

Ver 2.1.1 November 8th 2003
Fixed a bug preventing Plugins from being found in Mac OS 10.3.

Ver 2.1 Febuary 21th 2003
Fixed several bugs in scoring.
Cleaned up the user interface.
Fixed a minor rendering bug.

Ver 2.0  June 29 th 2002
Added theme architecture so themes are now plugin files.

Added support for additional sound files.

Added 3 Large levels (6 levels total now).

Recreated Cubes and Jems themes.

Added Top, Bubbles and Wubble themes.

Added support for Sprite and Tile based themes.

Improved Rotation rendering.

Re-Arranged timing so uses all cpu until 18 fps reached.

Improved background processor usage.

Added new Icon and About Art.

Added "undo last move".

General tidy up of all code.

Changed selection to MouseUp events, was MouseDown.

Ver 1.1 Febuary 21th 2002
Added 4 selectable themes.

Added 3 difficulty levels. Each with own highscores.

Added 3 display sizes.

Added click to start new game on endings without highscores.

Improved graphics speed.

Fixed other minor bugs.

Ver 1.0.3 January 29th 2002
Started new Game on close of Highscores.

Added option of collapse event effects.

Removed sound from quit game.

Fixed bug when using close button.

Fixed bug in event loop.

Ver 1.0.1 December 6th 2001
Fixed bug where clicking on objects before they had begun

rotating would cause the previously rotating objects to be removed.

Reduced CPU load when objects not rotating.

Ver 1.0 November 29th 2001 (Not released)
The begininning.

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